Sunday, March 16, 2014

Need for Speed

Need for Speed - PG-13 (130 mins)

1.5 Stars

So it seems that as long as you have fast cars and some unbelievable stunts you can make a film.  It doesn’t matter if you have a good story as long as you have the flashy stuff.  At least that’s what it was like watching “Need for Speed.”  

Tobey Marshall is running his dad’s garage after he buried his father.  The shop is in financial trouble but that doesn’t stop him from putting together a car that races the streets of Mt. Kisko, NY.  He of course is the best thing in town and his friends have no problem telling him such.  He does have an advantage with a plane in the air watching for cops and traffic that would stop the racing.

The town folk are not the only ones taking notice though.  Dino Brewster a home town boy who has moved on to racing in the pros asks Tobey to finish building a famous car for a big payoff.  Plus a racing fanatic with an internet show named Monarch, wants to bring him to his invitation only private race, something similar to the Gumball Rally but a serious race.  No really a serious race.
Instead Dino challenges Tobey to his own private race enticing him with all of the money from the sale of the car Tobey built.  Tobey’s friend Pete gets into the race as well but doesn’t make it out.  Tobey goes to prison for street racing and Grand Theft Auto while Dino has quickly found, or paid for an alibi.

Despite the bad story line there are some stunts during the races that are not likely to happen unless all drivers involved know what is going on.  There are jumps and some really impossible timing in driving across the country.   Plus the law enforcement in the story really does not seem to want to catch this guy who is breaking the law.  Nobody seems to see him as he travels from New York to San Francisco.  Except one trooper who falls prey to a car prank we have seen many times in film. 

All of this though, I have been told, is just like the video game “Need for Speed” which the film is based on.  Unfortunately I did not have a controller to change the way the movie went.  If I did, it would have turned out differently I think.

‘Need for Speed’: 3 points for parents

•Driving – Film is based on a racing video game.  Reckless street racing that endangers other vehicles on the road.  A man dies in a violent fiery race crash.  Non racing cars crash and catch fire.  Disregard for law enforcement while racing.  Some officers crash due to racers moves. 

•Language – Some profanity is used.  Male genitalia are mentioned as a measure of toughness.  Cars are said to compensate for other parts of life. 

•Nudity – A man strips while at work.  He kisses a woman and his backside is shown twice.  He walks out to a car from work. 

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